HP CP1525-CM1415-CM1415-CM1415fnw #128 COLOR  (YEL)


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Take advantage of cost-effective printing supplies with HP® CP1525-CM1415-CM1415-CM1415fnw #128 COLOR (Yellow) toner cartridges. All cartridges need to pass inspections for image density, resolution and toner background haze. Each HP CP1525 toner cartridge yields 1,300 smudge-free prints, which is practical for minimal home office needs. Office managers in large businesses can order more to accommodate printing needs. Consider the 30-day satisfaction guarantee on this product.

  • Print colorful prints at a fast pace with HP CP1525 toner cartridges, which deliver 1,300 pages
  • Image density, resolution and toner background haze are a few parameters for toner quality tests
  • Page yield of HP CM1415 toner cartridges is ideal for home offices and offices with high printing demand

This item typically ships within 2-3 business days.

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