HP CP1525-CM1415-CM1415-CM1415fnw #128 COLOR  (CYN)


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The remanufactured HP® CP1525-CM1415-CM1415fnw #128 (Cyan) toner cartridge is equivalent to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridge. Before assembly, the cores and components undergo meticulous testing. Each HP CP1525 toner cartridge receives a 100 percent pass from every inspection. That verifies image resolution, color density and page yield. The cartridges are ISO-tested for consistency and continuous printouts. The HP CM1415 toner cartridge yields 1,300 pages with full images and smudge-free copies. Whether you print small quantities or volumes, you attain competent printouts without interruption. Included is a lifetime warranty.

  • They're equivalent to HP CP1525 toner cartridges 
  • Each OEM cartridge receives 100 percent verification for sharp and crisp printouts
  • The cyan HP printer cartridges produce 1,300 copies

This item typically ships within 2-3 business days.

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