HotSpot Moist Heat Pack and Cover Set Circular Pack


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Apply therapeutic moist heat for up to 30 minutes with this HotSpot® moist heat pack and cover set — circular pack. Moist heat from this device brings more blood to stiff and sore muscles, offering deeper tissue penetration for faster pain relief. This moist heat pack soothes stiff neck, backache, sprains and bruises. This package also includes a circular hot pack cover with soft foam-fill. The foam-filled terry cover prevents your skin from burning due to the moist heat. This HotSpot pack and the cover offer a safe and effective way to use moist heat therapy for pain relief. It comes in a pack of one or 12.

  • This hot pack cover protects your skin from burning while applying moist heat
  • This package includes a moist heat pack and a circular hot pack cover
  • It helps soothe sore and painful muscles

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