Hometex® Anti-Microbial Vinyl Floor Mat Rectangular


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This Hometex® Anti-Microbial Vinyl Floor Mat, Rectangular, has integrated antimicrobial properties, protecting it from microbial wear and tear. The antimicrobial properties reduce the buildup of germs and bacteria on its surface, making this floor mat clean and hygienic. Ideal for healthcare settings that require hygienic products, this antimicrobial floor mat keeps your expensive flooring clean and protects it from staining, chipping or scuffing. It's devoid of hazardous materials, such as phthalate plasticizers, making it a safe product. Featuring a smooth finish, this vinyl floor mat is suitable for a variety of floors, including hard floors and soft carpets.

  • This antimicrobial floor mat resists the growth of bacteria and germs, making it clean and hygienic
  • It protects your floor from damage due to chipping or staining
  • It’s free of dangerous materials like phthalate plasticizers

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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