Anatomical Chart - Hip & Pelvis, Laminated


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Specialists and medical doctors often use an anatomical chart - hip and pelvis, laminated format, to help patients understand health concerns during their office visits. It's common for physical therapists and doctors to have anatomy charts in patient treatment areas for easy reference during patient visits. When used as a study tool for students, human anatomy charts are also helpful in classroom settings.

The hip and pelvis laminated anatomy chart features an image of the hip and pelvis bone structure. The poster also includes detailed figures of bones, joints and ligaments in the hip and pelvic region. Some common hip and pelvis pathologies are also outlined in the poster to illustrate typical problems like dislocation, fractures and hip replacements.

The hip and pelvis anatomical chart is a glossy, poster-sized chart with UV-resistant paper to reduce the risk of fading. Constructed with a thick lamination that can be written on, the chart offers easy cleaning and sanitizing like most medical supplies.

Does the chart illustrate hip and pelvic injuries?

Yes, the chart does have illustrations and detailed explanations of some common fractures and injuries.

What are the dimensions of the anatomical chart?

The chart is typical poster size at 20 in. x 25 in.

Features and benefits:

  • The hip and pelvis laminated anatomy chart displays detailed images of the hip and pelvic bone at varying angles
  • The chart includes figures of male and female pelvic bones for more specific anatomical structure
  • There are illustrations of the individual muscles, ligaments and nerves of the hip to show their correlation
  • It highlights common hip and pelvic bone fractures and ailments with a detailed summary of the ideal prognosis
  • The UV-treated paper helps prevent yellowing and fading 
  • Users can write on the chart to help present information to patients or students with ease
  • The poster is easy to display in medical offices or patient treatment areas 

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