FabLife Hip Kit with Reacher, Sponge, Sock Aid, and Plastic Shoehorn


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The FabLife hip kit with a reacher, sponge, sock aid and plastic shoehorn is a set of accessories useful for those with limited mobility. These tools assist with daily tasks that prevent bending over and are ideal for those recovering from injuries or surgery. This FabLife hip kit includes several aids-to-daily-living (ADL) products, which minimizes dependence on others for patients undergoing hip, knee and back rehabilitation. This FabLife multiple tool hip kit aids recovery by helping patients bring back gradual movement and slowly increase range of motion.

  • This FabLife hip kit is helpful for those with limited mobility
  • It comes with several aids-to-daily-living (ADL) products
  • It aids recovery, helping patients bring back gradual movement and flexibility

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