Hernia Support


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Wear a hernia support to get the right amount of compression for easing discomfort. Two adjustable pressure pads support weakened muscles in the groin region to prevent a small hernia from sticking out. Available in several sizes, this hernia support belt lets you manage the left, right or both sides of the hernia with the removable pads. The supportive undergarment stays securely in place and won't ride up or slip down, thanks to an elastic waistband. This inguinal hernia belt also comes with stainless steel metal buckles. These offer further adjustability for a more customized fit around the waist and legs. This lightweight, easy-to-wear and discreet hernia truss belt adds confidence, comfort and convenience.

  • This hernia support belt includes two removable pressure pads for adjustable compression in the groin area
  •  A stretchable waistband provides a snug fit
  • Metal buckles allow users to adjust tightness to match comfort levels

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