Foot Pillows/Heel Protectors Plaid


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Give sore and tired feet some extra cushioning to rest on with these foot pillows. These heel protectors are super-soft and envelop your feet to relieve the pressure of resting them on hard or uncomfortable surfaces. Strap your feet in and relax. One size fits all with adjustable soft Velcro straps across the bridge of the feet. The tear-resistant polyester and cotton blend outer material allows your feet to breathe, and the polyfill core is hypoallergenic. These pillow heel protectors have a delightful plaid pattern.

  • Provide achy tired feet with extra cushion to rest on with these soft plaid foot pillows
  • Use the soft Velcro strap to adjust these one-size-fits-all heel protectors
  • Made from a breathable, tear-resistant poly/cotton blend and hypoallergenic polyfill cushioning

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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