9" Heavy-Duty Moldable Sacro Support - Beige


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The 9" heavy-duty moldable sacro support in beige has a moldable thermo insert that supports the lumbar spine firmly and is wearable during normal activities. It eases discomfort resulting from muscle tension without limiting natural movement. Heat the lumbar sacral support thermo insert and mold it to the patient for the best fit. The flexible back pocket keeps the insert in place over the lumbar spine. The product comes in five sizes from S to XXL. The moldable sacro support wraps firmly around the hips and waist with an exclusive dual-closure design.

  • The lumbar sacral support features a moldable thermo insert for firm support
  • The dual-closure design allows it to firmly fit around the hips and waist
  • Heat the insert and mold it to the patient for comfort and the best fit

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