Heart on Diaphragm 10-Part 3 Times Full Size


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The Heart on Diaphragm, 10- Part, 3 Times Full Size provides you with a realistic and exciting way of understanding the heart. The esophagus atrium walls, ventricle walls and other parts are removable for better illustration. The anatomical heart model is unique in depicting the structures of the heart while detailing how the thoracic diaphragm relates to the heart. You can disassemble it into 10 parts, and it comes with a nonremovable base. The human heart models show how the diaphragm divides the abdominal cavity from the thoracic cavity easily and clearly. It comes with a multilingual product manual for ease of your interaction. The full-size heart model clearly shows more than 30 different anatomical regions of the heart.

  • Comes with a multilingual product manual
  • Comes with removable parts for ease of illustrations
  • Anatomical heart model clearly shows how the diaphragm separates the abdominal from the thoracic cavity

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