Head and Neck Musculature with Nerves


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This head and neck musculature with nerves accurately represent the superficial musculature of the neck in a more realistic way for easy explaining. This model dissects into several parts for effective demonstration. The head and neck muscles 3B® model features a partially exposed lower jaw, allowing for easy explanations. This model is a very extensive tool in getting to understand the nerves and muscles around the neck. The model depicts the right half of the submandibular gland for better understanding. The head and neck anatomy model openly shows the neck's left half deep musculature and displays the nerves.

  • The accurate representation of the superficial musculature of the neck makes it easier to explain
  • The head and neck muscles 3B model allows for dissecting into different parts for better demonstration
  • The well-displayed nerves present an excellent view of their relationship with the deep muscle system of the neck

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