Green Acrylic Culture Tube Dispensers


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Store and dispense culture tubes efficiently with this acrylic and strong green acrylic dispenser. This tube dispenser features front slide covers to keep tubes clean and dispense them in antiseptic conditions. To keep the culture tube dispensers dust-free, the loading and dispensing portions come with hinged covers. The tube dispensers are available in varying dimensions, and this denotes their test tube capacity. Store culture tubes in a 5.5 in. wide x 6.06 in. deep x 14.5 in. high dispenser. There are also 12mm, 13mm, and 16mm sizes for the green acrylic tube dispensers.

  • Culture tube dispensers have secure loading and dispensing lids to keep fuge tubes free from dust
  • Sturdily constructed in green acrylic 
  • Acrylic dispensers promote secure and safe dispensing, suited for refrigerator, room, or body temperature uses

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