Glove Box & Tissue Box Holder Combo


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Tackle storage problems at the lab with the glove box and tissue box holder combo. In a clinical environment, glovebox holders keep your gloves ready for quick exchanges to maintain cleanliness standards. This glove box dispenser has three different storage options available to hold multiple boxes of gloves on each level. The dispenser also includes threaded holes and screws needed to wall mount the unit at installation for smaller spaces.

Busy clinical professionals go through many gloves in a day's work and this dispenser unit may aid clinics in keeping gloves and tissues together in one capable unit. This dispenser combo is effective at keeping your clinic sterile and to encourage infection prevention and control. The acrylic glove box holder is made of durable plastic, which will provide long-term service. This dispenser houses both glove boxes and tissue boxes in one sturdy unit to increase expediency and ease of use for busy professionals. Helpful lab supplies, such as glovebox dispenser accessories and other products can be found at CeilBlue™.

How many boxes can this unit hold?

This unit can hold between two and four boxes on each level, depending on which of the three options you choose.

How durable is this unit and can it hold up over long periods of time?

This unit is made of high-quality acrylic and is designed for long life and usage.

Can I mount this unit on a wall?

Yes, it comes with the hardware needed to wall mount the unit upon installation.


  • Unit can be wall-mounted with included hardware
  • Three options available for multiple boxes to be stored 
  • Made of high-quality acrylic for durability and long life
  • The glove box and tissue box holder combo dispenses both tissues and gloves to maximize workspace productivity

Improve workspace capabilities in clinical settings with glove and tissue holders and dispensers from CeilBlue.

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