Giant Molar with Dental Cavities 15x life-size 6-part


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The giant molar with dental cavities 15x life-size, 6-part model from 3B® Scientific comes mounted on a sleek stand for easy display in an office or classroom. Teach students and patients about the different stages of cavity development with a detailed 3D replica of an upper triple-root molar. Dismantle the giant molar with dental cavities into five separate parts for an internal close up view of the crown, two roots and the pulp cavity. Gain free access to the 3B Smart Anatomy app and challenge students to take the accompanying course featuring digital lectures, models and quizzes.

  • The giant molar model comes mounted on a stand for convenient display options
  • Investigate the internal structures of an upper triple-root molar including the crown, roots and pulp cavity
  • Provide a 3D giant molar with dental cavities as a visual aid to students and patients to enhance learning

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