Gel-eeze Profile 2" Knit Wheelchair Cushion


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Prevent skin ulcers, pressure sores and skin breakdowns due to prolonged wheelchair seating with this Gel-eeze Profile knit wheelchair cushion. Ergonomic design ensures optimal weight distribution, preventing skin abrasion and postural discomfort associated with spending extended time in a wheelchair. This coccyx wheelchair cushion, available in a 2-in. and a 3-in. thickness, has a contoured design that helps you sit comfortably in the wheelchair. It supports the patient's ischials and coccyx areas, preventing skin breakdown. This pressure relief cushion for wheelchairs features high-quality foam and gel that offers comfortable cushioning, providing an integrated system of ulcer prevention.

  • This coccyx wheelchair cushion provides effective pressure relief
  • It prevents skin breakdown and ulceration due to prolonged wheelchair seating
  • It supports good posture making wheelchair seating more comfortable

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