Disposable Full Face Shields - 24-Pack


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Protect eyes, noses and mouths from airborne fluid contamination with disposable full face shields. They're available with either soft elastic or adjustable Velcro™ straps that securely attach to the mask with robust eyelets. The optically clear splash shields feature UltraClear™ technology on both sides to minimize fog buildup and prevent static pickup. Additionally, the Embrace Healthcare splash mask incorporates an antiglare coating for improved vision. Supplied in a pack of 24, these 8-in.-long protective facial covers comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) bloodborne pathogen standards. This face-protective equipment includes a vented foam headpiece for increased user comfort.

  • Full-length disposable splash shield face masks comply with stringent OSHA bloodborne pathogen standards
  • Choose from soft elastic or Velcro straps and a comfortable vented foam headpiece
  • Optically clear, anti-static UltraClear technology minimizes glare, reduces fogging and prevents dust pickup
  • 8''L Shield
  • Shield Thickness: 5mil PETG
  • Latex free

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