Formed Sock Aid


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Made from flexible plastic, this versatile formed sock aid accommodates various sizes of socks or hosiery. With a contour-shaped shell, its simple construction allows patients with limited mobility to pull on socks with ease. This aid opens and positions the sock so you can glide it on seamlessly without bending or twisting. It comes with an ergonomic, slip-resistant foam handle that provides a comfortable, secure grip. Equipped with a nonslip foam patch, this sock dressing aid helps guide your hosiery into place. Built using sturdy plastic and a braided cord line, it offers durability. Adjust its ropes to a comfortable length for increased efficiency. Choose from either a continuous loop or a dual-handle design depending on your range of mobility.

  • Made using flexible plastic, a formed sock aid assists patients with limited mobility
  • Its adhesive patch keeps socks from slipping
  • Choose from a continuous loop or dual-handed design depending upon your needs

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