Foot Skeleton on Nylon Loosely Threaded


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The 3B Scientific® human foot skeleton, loosely threaded on nylon string is the ideal study tool for medical facilities, anatomy classes and medical professionals. Natural casts molded from unbreakable plastic give them long-lasting durability. Each human foot skeleton model displays intricate details to enhance studying. Strong nylon string makes the skeleton flexible for studying various positions. Scan the label attached to the foot bones 3D model for registration and free access to 3B Smart Anatomy, an online anatomy course with a host of digital anatomy lectures, virtual anatomy models and quizzes for a richer learning experience. Upon ordering, you will randomly receive either a left or right foot.

  • The human foot skeleton is ideal for anatomy classes and medical offices
  • The natural cast model uses unbreakable plastic for durability
  • It comes with free access to 3B Smart Anatomy's virtual environment

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