Anatomical Chart - Foot Massage, Reflex Zone, Laminated


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Hospitals, exercise facilities and physical rehabilitation centers can offer their patients and clients a great service by hanging this laminated anatomical chart for foot massage in their waiting area or workspace. These human anatomy charts go into detail about what each area of the foot is responsible for and how those areas can respond to specific types of massage.

People going through physical therapy often find human anatomy charts and models very useful. These charts help educate patients about the different parts of the human form, and they name and describe the functions of each body part. A foot reflexology chart helps explain how reflexology can help relieve symptoms such as pain and stress.

Are contraindications listed on the chart?

Contraindications are listed on the foot massage chart, making it easy for clients and practitioners to determine if a specific type of massage should be avoided for their condition. Some contraindications include infectious diseases, high-risk pregnancies and cancer. 

What are some of the indications listed on the chart?

Some indications listed on the chart include stress and anxiety, menstrual or menopausal issues, digestive disorders and depression. Knowing that foot massage may assist in relieving some of the symptoms associated with these issues can help people feel more confident about receiving treatment.

How big is the foot reflexology chart?

The chart is 20 in. x 25 in., making it just the right size to post in tight spaces but large enough for people to read if they need to. This convenience makes it an important addition to the medical supplies healthcare and rehab facilities should keep on hand.

How does this foot massage chart benefit patients?

  • The laminated anatomical chart for foot massage is large enough to be easily visible to patients sitting in a waiting room
  • It allows patients to see which conditions can be treated by foot massage and which shouldn’t be
  • It names each part of the foot
  • It helps patients understand how different types of massage work for different conditions
  • It can help people feel more comfortable about their procedures

Use this laminated anatomical chart to educate your clients and patients and help them become more confident in the foot massage process.

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