Anatomical Model - Foot Skeleton with Ankle


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If you are a podiatrist or physical therapist, it's quite likely that you deal with people who have injured feet, and an anatomical model foot skeleton with ankle is a necessary asset for any such practice. This is because having a medically accurate visual model is essential to providing an optimal level of care to your patients. In addition, the wire mounting of this skeleton, which is a common feature of many of our human anatomy models, means you can put this skeleton on a stand for easy transport.

This left foot skeleton model is made from natural casts, meaning you have an accurate level of visual reference for your patients with regard to the bones and joints of this extremity. This foot skeleton is made out of a very resilient plastic, making it suitable for frequent handling by staff and patients. 

Is this skeletal model medically accurate?

This skeleton of the foot is made from a real human cast, meaning it is as medically accurate as possible. Using this and other human anatomy charts and models, you can communicate the nature of injuries clearly and effectively to your patients.

What type of medical offices could use a foot skeleton like this?

This skeletal model of the foot is a good fit in any practice that deals with injuries of the foot. Some practices that would benefit from a skeleton like this are podiatrist offices and physical therapy rooms.


  • Give patients with injured feet a better look at the situation with this anatomical model foot skeleton with ankle
  • A real human skeleton is the basis for this skeleton for maximum medical accuracy
  • This skeletal model is ideal for podiatrists and physical therapists
  • It comes with accurate joints for an even better level of visual reference

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