Anatomical Chart - Foot & Ankle, Laminated


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Provide a clear, accurate view of the foot and ankle region with the anatomical chart - foot and ankle, laminated display. Professional-quality human anatomy charts serve as effective visual tools in lecture halls, laboratories, offices, and therapy centers. This foot and ankle anatomical chart offers detailed illustrations of the foot's skeletal and muscular structure in a convenient format. To minimize confusion, headers and clearly labeled parts show the exact location of specific bones, joints, nerves and muscles. This human foot anatomy chart also includes concise explanations of common injuries, deformities and minor complaints involving the foot and ankle. This enables patients to gain a better understanding of their condition, which may help with physical rehabilitation.

Refresh your knowledge and educate your staff with this foot anatomy chart. It also works as an informative instructional material for future nurses, caregivers and therapists. Printed on premium paper, the chart has high clarity and a beautiful glossy finish for visual appeal. In addition to fade resistance, the ultraviolet coating helps withstand abrasions to ensure longevity. This 20 in. x 26 in. poster also comes with double-sided lamination for enhanced durability. This adds strength and rigidity to prevent the edges from curling up. Along with other high-quality human anatomy charts and models, place this foot chart in a convenient location for easy accessibility.

Is it possible to write on the chart?

Yes. This foot anatomy poster comes with thick lamination to enable writing on the surface using non-permanent markers. The erasable nature of these pens makes it easy to remove the markings at the end of a lecture or patient visit.

What are the illustrations found on the poster?

The upper left portion of the chart shows the top view and bottom view of a foot skeleton, while the largest figure in the upper right corner depicts the normal anatomical structure of the foot and ankle region. For the middle section, it features the sole of a foot, medial ligaments, fibular collateral ligaments and possible injuries from twisting the ankles. The bottom area shows a diabetic foot, common foot defects and minor foot complaints.

Features and benefits:

  • Foot and ankle anatomical chart provides a clear, scientific representation of anatomical details for optimal learning 
  • Precise headers and labels allow for easy identification of structural parts
  • Succinct descriptions simplify concepts for better understanding
  • Premium print paper delivers a high shine for enhanced visual impact
  • UV treatment withstands fading for long-term use
  • Thick lamination protects against blemishes and other unsightly marks for easy maintenance

Equip facilities with this human foot anatomy chart and other medical supplies from CeilBlue™ to provide quality healthcare services.

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