Fold-Ups® Floor Sign - CAUTION WET FLOOR


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The employer places this self-standing Fold-Ups® floor sign - CAUTION WET FLOOR - anywhere there is a slip hazard due to a wet floor, helping prevent injuries. It has the same message printed on both sides, allowing it to warn workers approaching both sides. This Caution Wet Floor sign has a widely known pictogram, clearly showing the message to overcome any language barriers. It folds flat for easy storage. This floor safety sign has a handle cut out, making it simple to transport. The manufacturer makes it using 0.125 in. high-impact plastic that increases its durability. It has dimensions of 20 in. high x 12 in. wide.

  • The message printing on both sides allows workers from both directions to see the warning
  • The widely known image avoids any language barriers
  • The handle cut out of the Caution Wet Floor sign makes it easy to carry

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