Foam Test Tube Racks 3.5"L x 3.5"W 5/pk


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Ensure medical specimens are secure, separated and easy to access and transport with this foam test tube rack. Medical facilities and labs have to collect and transport hundreds or even thousands of specimens and samples a year. Medical professionals use specimens to diagnose and treat patients, so keep them in holders like test tube racks so they remain safely separated and secure.

Once the lab tech collects the specimens, this holder contains the contents while transporting them to the lab or facility for processing. The construction of the slots is such that they hug the tubes and keep them upright, helping ensure that there’s no spillage or breakage. 

This foam test tube holder comes five to a pack, and each pack holds a specific tube size, so when purchasing your medical supplies, select the tube size that works for your needs. Foam racks can hold 30 mm, 16 mm - 17 mm, 13 mm or 10 mm tubes, making them ideal for different specimens.

Can this foam test tube holder be safely placed into biohazard bags? 

When placed into biohazard bags, they remain upright, allowing couriers to transport them without the bottles tipping over.

How many tubes does the 13 mm test tube rack hold?

The 13 mm test tube rack can hold up to 25 specimen tubes, making them ideal for busy offices.

Can these foam test tube racks withstand refrigerator or freezer temperatures?

The foam material continues to work in both refrigerated and freezer settings, making them ideal for labs.

Features and benefits:

  • These foam test tube racks remain upright during travel, preventing spills 
  • The rack holes securely hug the specimen tubes, ensuring they remain upright while preventing breakage
  • These racks can withstand cold temperatures, making them ideal for lab use

Use these medical racks and shelving to protect your specimens while they’re in the lab and when transporting them.

Accessories (tubes) not included


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