Upright Storage Rack for CanDo Foam Rollers


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Free up valuable floor space with the upright storage rack for CanDo® foam rollers. When not in use, foam rollers need a proper storage place so they remain in good condition for the next warm-up or training session. Whether for your home gym, fitness studio or therapy center, a foam roller storage rack from CanDo keeps workout areas tidy and organized. Besides creating a pleasing environment, a clutter-free floor also promotes safety by minimizing injuries from tripping or falling over an unused foam roller. This enables gym enthusiasts, athletes and patients to stay motivated and focused in achieving their fitness and rehabilitation goals.

CanDo’s standalone rack for foam rollers measures 24 in. wide, 30 in. tall and 34 in. deep to provide ample storage space. It features a heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride (PVC) construction for added strength and rigidity. This durable thermoplastic material withstands frequent use to ensure longevity. For maximum convenience, built-in casters save time when transporting foam rollers from one location to another. The open-loading design also allows for quick and easy access when it’s time to break out a sweat. Available in white, the rack’s minimalist and neutral style blends well with existing decor for a clean and professional appearance.

How many foam rollers can the rack fit?

The rack provides plenty of room to accommodate foam rollers of varying sizes. Its maximum holding capacity is up to 12 CanDo foam rollers measuring 6 in. in diameter.

Does the rack include foam rollers?

CanDo foam rollers and other accessories are available as separate items.

Features and benefits:

  • The upright storage rack for CanDo foam rollers offers a designated place for keeping rollers organized
  • The rack maximizes floor space and helps declutter workout areas to ensure safety
  • A heavy-duty PVC construction withstands daily wear for enhanced durability
  • Built-in casters ease transport capability for convenience
  • The open configuration offers easy accessibility when loading or removing a CanDo foam roller
  • The neutral color and minimalist style work with any decor for a professional look

Choose this CanDo rack and other medical racks and shelving options at CeilBlue™ to create smart storage solutions.

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