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When educating students or patients about the eye, display a laminated anatomical chart of the eye to show the locations of muscles, veins and nerves of the eye, as well as the bone structure surrounding the eye. Use the chart to show how injury and disease affect the eye.

The human eye anatomy chart utilizes UV-resistant paper to prevent it from yellowing over the years. Lamination prevents the chart from curling at the edges. Write on the laminated chart using dry-erase markers, and easily wipe it clean using a soft cloth.

The eye anatomy poster briefly touches on the effects of both natural and artificial lenses used in eyeglasses.

How is this human eye anatomy chart used?

Schools and eye clinics use human anatomy charts of the eye for educating students and patients about the structure of the human eye. The detailed information on the human eye anatomy chart shows the intricate make-up of the eye with crisp detail that may help patients better understand an eye disorder or injury. When used in anatomy classes by itself or in conjunction with other human anatomy charts and models, students will have an in-depth view of the inner workings of the human eye.

What information does the chart include?

The chart displays the anatomy and physiology of the eye. All parts of the eye are clearly labeled. The surrounding bone structure is also shown. The chart briefly touches on near- and far-sightedness, as well as visual and pupillary reflex pathways. Part of the illustration shows retinal cell arrangement and the individual layers of the retina.

Features of the anatomy chart:

  • The laminated anatomical eye chart won't curl when placed on the wall
  • The illustration shows detailed views of the inner eye
  • Write on the chart with non-permanent markers
  • UV-resistant paper prevents yellowing with age
  • Chart is ideal for educational purposes in schools and medical practices

Use detailed human anatomy charts for teaching students or patients about the inner structures of the human eye, and browse other medical supplies for your practice..

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