Exercise Mat Wall Hangers


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Free up floor space and keep exercise mats easily accessible with exercise mat wall hangers. Every second counts when you have a day full of patient appointments, and convenient wall storage options make it easy to retrieve yoga mats and return them after each appointment. Careful storage of physical therapy exercise equipment keeps it clean and extends its longevity.

The sturdy exercise mat hooks are supported by a rack that offers additional stability, ensuring the hooks stay strong through dozens of daily uses. The use of foam mat wall-mounted racks makes more floor space available to patients and care providers while minimizing visual clutter. Combine them with other storage options for physical therapy weights for efficient space usage.

These yoga mat and foam rollers wall rack products are suitable for use with mats that have rubberized grommets for wall storage. With storage solutions designed specifically for physical therapy supplies, therapists and clinic owners can design a space that encourages patient healing and progress.

How many mats can foam mat wall hangers hold?

There are two options, allowing professionals to decide which model makes optimal use of available space and which best accommodates PT equipment. The smaller option measuring 43 in. x 8 in. x 16 in. holds five standard exercise mats. The larger option measuring 86 in. x 8 in. x 16 in., is large enough to fit 10 exercise mats.

How do foam mat wall hangers save time?

Reliable wall storage options offer a number of advantages to physical therapists and other professionals. After spraying and wiping mats clean, you can simply hang them to air dry. While mats stored on the floor often need to be cleaned prior to use, those that hang on the wall are less likely to come into contact with dirt or other contaminants between uses.

  • Exercise mat wall hangers hold up to five or 10 exercise mats
  • The reinforced rack supports heavy yoga and exercise mats
  • The rack keeps mats off the floor for easy storage and drying
  • Free up floor space to make more space for patient interaction and treatment
  • Save time on mat cleaning and drying

Create the ideal physical therapy space and keep rooms tidy with mat wall hangers from CeilBlue™.

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