Euro Socks


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Made in the U.S., these Euro socks feature soft, breathable cotton that makes them easy to wear. These socks don’t have elastic or binding straps, so they promote circulation, helping prevent blood from collecting in the ankles or feet. These elastic-free socks distribute the tightness evenly throughout the leg to help keep them in place. They provide a proper fit, with no seams or fabric hanging loose, preventing rubbing or shafting against the skin. Featuring a special knit, these black or white cotton socks don’t sag or lose shape over time, making them durable and long-lasting. They come in five sizes ranging from S to XXL. 

  • These Euro socks are elastic-free, making them comfortable to wear
  • They feature natural cotton making them soft and breathable
  • These socks have a special knit that prevents sagging

Orders for this item typically ship within 7 business days.

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