Ergonomic Laptop Stand


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Encourage patients and staff to use an ergonomic laptop stand when using laptop computers to reduce back pain and improve posture while working. These stands raise the laptop's monitor to a comfortable viewing level resulting in reduced eye strain. Opt for an external keyboard and mouse, along with other ergonomic medical practice supplies for added comfort.

With the daily use of computers and electronic devices on the rise, it's essential to have ergonomic medical practice furniture in the office. Encourage patients and staff alike to use ergonomic laptop stands when using a computer for any length of time. 

Use the ergonomic stands on countertops located in patient care areas so that healthcare providers don't succumb to poor posture while viewing and updating electronic patient records on the computer. This also allows for providers to demonstrate good habits to their patients.

How does this reduce back and neck pain?

The ergonomic laptop stand for a desk sits neatly atop the work area, taking up minimal space. When placed on the ergonomic stand, the laptop monitor is typically at a comfortable viewing level that results in decreased eye strain and poor posture. Adjust the chair as needed to position arms, hips and feet properly.

Is the stand portable?

Ergonomic laptop stands are small enough to travel alongside laptops. Use them while working at home, in the office, on a train or the beach.

Can air easily flow around the computer?

The ergonomic laptop desk stand raises the computer high enough, allowing air to flow freely from all sides.

Features and benefits:

  • The ergonomic laptop stand raises the monitor to a comfortable viewing level
  • Air circulates freely under the laptop
  • The stands are portable allowing for work on the go
  • These ergonomic laptop stands take up minimal space
  • Reduce eye strain, neck pain and back pain with ergonomic laptop stands
  • Improve posture while working on laptops

When ordering medical supplies for the office, get ergonomic stands for computers to help staff be productive comfortably.

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