30mm Tube Rack for 50mL Test Tubes


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure test tubes with this 30mm tube rack for 50mL test tubes. This rack holds both round and conical bottom test tubes. This 30mm test tube rack has a circular molded base ring that ensures the tubes remain firmly in place. The epoxy coating makes this rack chemical- and water-resistant, enhancing its strength and durability. This single tube holder is autoclavable, which means it can withstand high temperature and pressure cleaning, making it a clean and hygienic option for healthcare settings. It comes in three size options: single, small and medium.

  • This 30mm test tube rack holds 50mL test tubes
  • It's epoxy coated, making it chemical- and water-resistant
  • It's autoclavable so that it can withstand high temperature and high-pressure washing

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