Ghent Enclosed Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard with Satin Frame


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Explore the benefits of Ghent® enclosed porcelain magnetic whiteboards with satin frames. They accept magnetic attachments and are easy to wipe clean. Stain- and scratch-resistant Ghent magnetic whiteboards have surfaces that don't absorb marker ink and are fit for repeated use without ghosting. Keep whiteboards tamper-free with hinged, acrylic, shatterproof doors that can be locked. Choose from seven porcelain magnetic whiteboard sizes, ranging from 24" H x 18" W to 4' H x 8' W. The number of doors varies depending on the sizes of the whiteboards. This easy-to-install product features an anodized aluminum frame with precision mitered corners in crimp construction for added strength and rigidity.

  • Ghent magnetic whiteboards are made from porcelain on steel for a scratch-resistant writing surface
  • They're available in seven accommodating sizes
  • They feature secure, lockable, full-length hinged doors paneled in shatterproof acrylic

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