7.25 Inch Black Emergency Medical Scissors


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

These 7.25-in. black emergency medical scissors feature super-hardened surgical stainless steel blades, so your staff can cut clothes quickly during a medical emergency and get to the wound in no time. The ultra-sharp blades, tempered to a hardness of C56 on the Rockwell scale, feature a serrated edge, so they're suitable for tough materials like denim, bandages, seat belts and tape. These medical shears feature a comfortable polypropylene handle, with large rings to accommodate fingers comfortably. This ensures optimal grip and control. They are autoclavable to 290 degrees Fahrenheit to disinfect them properly.

  • Features surgical steel blades
  • Suitable for tough materials like bandages and denim
  • Autoclavable at 290 degrees Fahrenheit

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