Elevating Leg Rest


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Made from flexible polyurethane foam, the Bilt-Rite Mastex Health® elevating leg rest pillow offers long-term use. This unique foam maintains its shape for uniform support and enhanced durability. With a polycotton zippered cover, cleaning is fast and easy. This soft material also minimizes friction between your legs and the foam wedge. An elevating leg rest props your lower limbs to a convenient height for enhanced circulation, relieving discomfort associated with medical conditions. With a wedge-shaped design, it aligns the spine of patients to ease spinal stress lower back pain. Propping your leg on this leg elevation pillow limits range of motion, allowing its use in injury rehabilitation and post-surgery recovery. Its lightweight design enhances portability.

  • Made of flexible polyurethane foam, an elevating leg rest is durable
  • With a zippered cover, cleaning it is easy
  • Its wedge shape helps improve blood circulation

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