Anatomical Chart - Ear, Laminated


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Create an attractive educational display in your office or classroom with this anatomical chart of the ear, laminated. Accessories like human anatomy charts and models make it simple to describe bodily functions and related ailments to patients. They are also excellent teaching tools for biology or medical classrooms. This laminated anatomical ear chart provides an accurate, detailed view of the human hearing system. Its durable finish ensures the poster will retain its attractive appearance for many years.

The color ear anatomy chart includes many illustrations that provide a detailed look at the external and internal parts of the human ear. One image shows the position of internal hearing organs in the skull, while a second depicts the auditory cortex of the human brain. Additional illustrations show the cell, bone and nerve structures within the ear. The ear anatomy poster also includes a diagram that highlights which sections of the concha detect specific sound frequencies.

Like most human anatomy charts, the images on this poster have text labels naming each part of the human hearing system. Clear image titles make it simple to find the illustration you need when speaking with patients or students.

What type of finish does this poster have?

This chart's bright white, heavy-duty paper has a professional appearance. It's also resistant to ultraviolet rays, so the poster won't fade or yellow. A durable laminate covers both sides, protecting the color illustrations from dust and scratches. You can use nonpermanent markers to write on the laminate surface and wipe away marks with a damp paper towel.

What are the dimensions of the ear chart?

This poster is 20 in. (50 cm) wide and 26 in. (67 cm) high. It fits easily on a door or classroom wall.


  • Use the laminated anatomical ear chart to educate patients or students
  • The full-color poster is an attractive addition to treatment areas or classrooms
  • Multiple images provide detailed information on the workings of the human ear
  • Additional illustrations show organ positions in the skull and hearing-related areas of the brain
  • The ear chart has clear labels for each body part shown
  • A separate diagram shows the relationship between sound frequencies and the parts of the concha
  • High-quality, glossy white poster paper resists fading and yellowing
  • Double-sided lamination protects the ear anatomy chart
  • Write on the laminated chart with nonpermanent markers
  • This poster is 20 in. x 26 in. (50 cm x 67 cm) 

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