Body-Solid 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack


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The Body-Solid® 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack ensures your clients or patients have the right dumbbell weight for their specific arm exercise training or therapy. It also gives them a place to return the weight to start another exercise rep or accommodate the next user. Whether your patients are building up their forearms with wrist curls or the back of their arms with triceps extensions, the 3-tier dumbbell storage racks make their reps more efficient and the entire facility more organized.

As with any physical therapy supply, the Body-Solid dumbbell rack is rugged and durable. It consists of heavy-gauge steel plates and tubing, with all-4-side welding. The frame has three tiers, each with dual rails welded to a base plate, which is welded to T-stand side braces.

Fully deburred welds provide a smooth surface around all joints, and all open steel tubing comes with plastic endcaps. Both reduce the risk of abrasion as you or your clients handle weights. The rack’s powder-coated finish minimizes chips and dings during the weight-training regimen.

Place the free-standing 3-tier dumbbell storage rack wherever it’s most convenient in your facility, whether along the wall or centered in a dedicated fitness space. The rack is 40 in. long and can hold one pair each of 5-50 lb. hexagonal-end dumbbells, part of a larger family of physical therapy weights. At a 20 in. depth and 30 in. height, the gym dumbbell rack provides plenty of open space between the rails and tiers to let you grab dumbbells securely and safely.

Why are Body-Solid’s dumbbell storage racks suitable for facilities?

Dumbbells may be part of many pieces of physical therapy exercise equipment to promote fitness or rehab in a facility. The racks keep weight areas organized and uncluttered, particularly by keeping the floor clear of hazards. The racks can be conveniently placed in the most advantageous location in a multi-therapy facility.

How durable are the racks?

The heavy-gauge plated and tubed steel with welds at all connections is strong enough to support one pair each of dumbbells weighing 5-50 lb. The steel tiers resist sagging over time, and the powder-coated sealant provides a more scratch- and chip-resistant finish than liquid-based coats, adding to the durability of the racks.

What features are beneficial specifically to therapists and clients?

  • The dumbbell rack is large enough to hold one pair each of 5-50 lb. weights, which are used for basic fitness and therapy
  • The rack provides plenty of space to grab individual weights comfortably and to remove and replace them safely
  • All inside and outer welds are deburred, so you won’t scrape your hands while using the equipment
  • All open tubing comes with endcaps to promote safety
  • The gym dumbbell racks keep your facility more organized and thus safer for clients and patients

Check out the Body-Solid 3-tier dumbbell storage rack at CeilBlue™ to see why it’s an essential piece of fitness and therapy equipment for any exercise or rehab facility.

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