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The traditional door hanger fits over an isolation patient's room door or the door of medical facilities requiring isolation protocols. It holds personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical providers and clinical workers. The sturdy, powder-coated metal has a wreath-style bracket that hangs over the top of the door, and no additional hardware is necessary to put it in place.

The hanger is an alternative to a standalone, pedestal-style protection station for isolation rooms, oncology clinics and dialysis centers that can take up floor space. Its steel construction gives it the strength to hold the heftiest of door-hanging protection systems as part of a hospital's infection prevention and control regimen. The hanger also works with respiratory hygiene stations for minimizing the spread of germs.

The isolation station hanger supports multi-component PPE systems, holding ear-loop masks, shield-style masks, gloves, gowns and sanitizing medical supplies, sometimes in multiple compartments. Used as an isolation organizer hanger for PPE, it's a particularly critical element of hospital hygiene supplies that protect providers and patients and maintain antiseptic standards

What are the primary areas for an isolation organizer door hanger?

The hanger is for any hospital room in an isolation ward for infectious patients, and any clinical facility where absolute sterility is a must. That includes oncology clinics where patients receive blood transfusions and dialysis centers where patients have their blood filtered and cleansed.

What does the respiratory hygiene hanger hold?

It holds PPE for all types of workers and visitors, including individual glove box holders for those who take the added precaution of wearing exam gloves as they move around the hospital.


  • The rugged hanger is durable, consisting of powder-coated metal
  • It allows a PPE system to hang directly on the door 
  • The door hanger slides easily over the top of the door, so it doesn't require any hardware
  • The hanger eliminates the need for a standalone pedestal station, freeing up floor space
  • It holds the PPE equipment that is an essential part of infection-control protocol of any hospital or clinic

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