Dividers for Akro-Grid


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Molded from tough plastic, the Akro-Mils® divider for Akro-Grid resists damage from chemicals and organic solvents. Its sturdy build enhances durability, enabling use in high traffic-settings like distribution. With integrated slots, a divider for Akro-Grid lets you subdivide your container for the systemized organization of supplies. You can use it to customize storage with unique arrangements for easy access to regularly used supplies. Akro-Mils bin dividers come in varying sizes to fit either the length or width of your slotted container. Their flexible layout allows the creation of different-sized storage compartments maximizing your space. They come with six pieces within each pack, minimizing the hassle of regular store visits. Cleaning these dividers is fast and easy, saving you time. Choose from nine types of dividers to fit your Akro-Grid model.

  • A durable Akro-Mils divider offers long-term use
  • It allows organized supplies arrangement for easy access
  • Its flexible layout allows customization

Orders for this item typically ship within 10 business days.

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