Disposable Face Masks


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

These disposable face masks come in 50 pieces per pack, making them readily available. They have an ear loop design that holds the mask securely to the face. Three-ply construction of these non-woven fabric face masks includes high-quality polypropylene material that helps filter airborne droplets. They offer low resistance to breathing, making them comfortable to wear. They're flexible with a nose bar that adapts to the shape of the nose.

  • They are readily available in 50 pieces per pack
  • They have an ear loop design that holds the mask to the face.
  • The manufacturer uses three-ply construction in making these disposable face masks

Not intended for medical use

Maximum qty per customer is 20 boxes, any orders exceeding that amount are subject to cancellation.  If you are interested in a larger quantity, please email us and request a quote. 

How to wear a mask:

  • Place mask over nose and mouth, blue side out and place an earloop around each ear
  • Press bottom of mask under chin and mold the nosepiece around the nose
  • The mask should cover face from the nose to underneath the chin
  • Discard mask after use, do not reuse masks

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