Dispens-a-Band Exercise Band Rack with CanDo Multicolor Band Set


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The Dispens-a-Band® exercise band rack with CanDo® multicolor band set holds five rolls of color-coded resistance bands that come in different tensions. The rack provides a convenient way to organize the bands by their resistance and help you unroll them to the length needed.

The rack also comes with five of the CanDo low-powder latex band rolls in yellow, red, green, blue and black. Like other CanDo products for physical therapy, these bands are color coded to the metrics of their therapeutic quality. With the exercise band rack, your facility will get color-coded tensile strengths of extra-light, light, medium, heavy and extra-heavy, providing a good range for progressive resistance-exercise therapy.

While the rolls accompanying the rack are in 50-foot lengths, the rack can also hold 100-foot rolls from CanDo. In addition, the rack houses other CanDo exercise bands, including eight complementary latex-free color-coded bands. However, in using a CanDo latex-free exercise band rack with bands, it's crucial never to mix latex and non-latex bands in the same rack.

Many facilities prefer using physical therapy resistance bands for strength exercises because, unlike free weights, they’re lightweight, easy to store and provide the same type of flexion and tension exercises with different-length strips. The CanDo rack, combined with color-coded rolls, is an added convenience for facility storage and organization. The rack has separate open-face compartments for each roll. Each compartment contains a plastic cradle that holds the roll with a front-facing bar that helps you align the band for cutting it to length. The rack is stackable for multiple rolls, or you can wall-mount it.

Why use a different exercise band rack for latex and latex-free rolls?

Some individuals have severe skin or respiratory allergies to latex. While the resistance band storage rack doesn’t come with five separate latex-free rolls, you can still purchase one for your facility and stock it with non-latex bands. If you use both, make sure you label each rack clearly.

Why is the exercise band rack a facility essential?

Having a place to store and organize CanDo exercise bands and unroll them to length is a time-saver. Having the different color-coded tensions together in one unit is a convenience for patients and clients. Making all physical therapy supplies readily accessible is one way of showing you have patient interests at heart.


  • While the rack comes with five 50-foot rolls, it can also hold 100-foot rolls
  • The rack has convenient plastic cradles with front dispenser bars to align the scissor cut
  • The Dispens-A-Band exercise band rack with CanDo multicolor band set is a standalone option for housing CanDo latex or latex-free bands
  • The rack enables facilities and their patients to choose the right color-coded tension strength
  • You can stack or wall-mount multiple racks to house several band rolls

Visit the storage rack page at CeilBlue™ to find out more about these versatile organizers.

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