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DiaSox® socks contain an antimicrobial textile treatment to protect your feet against bacterial growth and fungi. The fabric provides maximum stretch for comfort and unconstricted blood flow. The knit top stays in place without strapping or marking your leg. The socks have flat-toe sewing for a seamless feel on each side, thus preventing rubbing and blisters. The therapeutic socks have breathable and moisture-wicking cool-cotton yarn to keep the feet dry. The light-colored material makes it easy to spot blood or other fluids that signal injury or infection. The fabric is easy to machine wash in cold and warm water. Sizes range from S to XXL and come in two colors, black and white.

  • The DiaSox socks undergo antimicrobial textile treatment to fight bacterial growth and fungi
  • Maximum stretch for comfort 
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking cool-cotton yarn help feet stay dry

Orders for this item typically ship within 7 business days.

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