Anatomical Model - Functional Knee Joint, Deluxe


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Train students or patients about the intricate structure of the knee using this 3B Scientific® deluxe functional knee joint model. It’s based on the right joint and is full-size, movable and realistic for teaching. It defines the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) with natural-tone bones and ligaments with blue-colored cartilage on the joint surfaces. You can enlighten patients using the anatomical knee model, explaining an injury or treatment. Patients learn about the ligaments and physiological movements as you show internal and external rotations. The representation rests on a white base, allowing for demonstration as you move abductions, retroversion and anteversion in a classroom or medical office. The design measures 12.6 in. and weighs 1.21 lb.

  • The functional knee joint model represents the common proportion 
  • The model includes natural cast and blue colors as bones, ligaments and cartridge 
  • The knee ligament model articulates the ACL and PCL 

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