Deluxe Dual-Sex Torso Opened Back Model


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Ideal for anatomy classes and advanced medical settings, this deluxe dual-sex torso with an opened back shows the human anatomy in great detail. This model features key human organs with hand-painted details for easy identification. This human torso model includes detachable male and female genital organs, neck and back, facilitating an in-depth review of the human spinal cord, spinal nerves, vertebrae and associated structures. Other removable parts demonstrate key human organs such as the lungs, stomach, gall bladder and heart. This human torso anatomy model is a hands-on educational tool that makes it easy to learn more about human anatomy and human organs.

  • This human torso model is a detailed representation of the human anatomy
  • It features many removable parts and organs for in-depth sturdy
  • It’s a useful educational tool for medical students

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