Deluxe Dual-Sex Torso 20-part Model


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This deluxe dual-sex torso 20-part model offers a detailed demonstration of the human anatomy. It comes with 20 parts showing key human organs, including a two-part head, female chest wall, stomach, heart and lungs. The unique feature of this human torso model is that it includes male and female genital inserts, with the female genital organs also featuring a removable fetus. It's a useful hands-on tool to study the anatomy of the human body and the relative location of the organs. This dual-sex torso model has hand-painted details to give it a realistic look and feel. It features durable and nontoxic material.

  • This human torso model offers a detailed display of human anatomy
  • It features 20 key human organs, including heart, lungs and stomach
  • It comes with male and female genital organs

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