Deluxe Brain Model with Arteries 9-part


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Instruct your students or patients about the human brain by using this 3B Scientific® deluxe brain model with arteries in nine parts. It rests on a removable base for easy transport and storage. Students assemble and disassemble each of the nine pieces as they study the anatomy of the brain. The durable 3B brain model divides in the middle, with each half further broken down into the frontal with parietal lobes and the temporal with occipital lobes. Each half contains half of the brain stem and half of the cerebellum. The representation also includes a removable basilar artery of the brain. The model weighs almost 2 lbs. and measures 5.91 in. x 5.51 in. x 6.30 in.

  • Students learn human brain anatomy with this 3D brain model
  • The hands-on learning model shows how the different brain parts fit together
  • The durable model, which includes nine parts, weighs nearly 2 lbs.

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