Decubitus Foot Treatment Trainer


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Train medical students on spotting the effects of diabetes mellitus using a 3B Scientific® decubitus foot treatment trainer. It shows how decubitus ulcers, also known as bedsores or pressure ulcers, can form. The useful teaching aid assists students in learning decubitus care by representing the growth of gangrene on the right foot's big toe. The model depicts gangrene spreading from the back of the foot through the metatarsal bone. The trainer enables students to visualize a mal perforans (a common ulcer found in diabetics) on the foot's sole or plantar. The model displays a grade 3 pressure ulcer on its heel and depicts the complete loss of a skin layer, with the underlying tissue affected by necrosis.

  • Teach decubitus care to medical students using a foot trainer
  • The model shows the spread of gangrene throughout the foot
  • The foot-care model displays damage caused by diabetes mellitus

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