Countertop Sneeze Guards with Suction Cups


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Create a Safe Barrier Between Staff and Patients with Countertop Sneeze Guards with Suction Cups

A countertop sneeze barrier with suction cups protects employees, patients and customers when verifying information or completing transactions. Ideal for use in offices, pharmacies and retail establishments where face-to-face interactions are inevitable. The barrier helps protect from airborne contaminants, like those from coughs and sneezes, while allowing staff to communicate with patients and customers to obtain necessary information and complete transactions. Suction cups secure the countertop frameless acrylic shields in place on most surfaces. The barriers use PETG plastic for durability. Suction cups make installation easy since it requires no tools and no need to drill holes into expensive countertops. When installing the countertop sneeze barrier, apply a slight curve to maximize stability. Clean with a streak-free cleaner and lint-free cloth to get rid of unwanted bacteria and fingerprints. There are different sizes available to fit customer interaction areas in most offices and retail establishments. Welcome staff and patrons into a safe and healthy establishment with biohazard sneeze guards and other barriers available at CeilBlue™.

  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Excellent for use on countertops and check-in areas of healthcare facilities and offices
  • Ideal for checkout lanes at retail and grocery stores
  • Made with PETG plastic for durability
  • Made in America
  • When installing, apply a slight curve to maximize stability.

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