Compression Sock Aid


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Simplify donning compression socks with a compression sock aid. A heel guide keeps the foot aligned to ensure proper application. This handy compression stocking sock aid features an extra-wide shell to accommodate compression wear up to 40 mmHg (millimeters of mercury), an extra firm compression level. This tool holds its shape well, thanks to rigid construction. This tool also comes with sturdy, extra-long handles for increased support while minimizing the need to stretch or bend the body. Choose among three grip levels for added convenience. For on-the-go use, this sock fitting aid comes apart for quick and easy storage in travel bags.

  • This compression sock aid includes a heel guide to make it easier to pull on compression hosiery
  • An extra-wide shell provides optimal coverage for socks rated up to extra-firm compression levels
  • Long handles add stability while reducing the need to strain the body

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