Locking Medication Box with Pull-Out Drawer


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You always need to be mindful of your patients' security, especially when it comes to their medication, and this locking medication box with pull-out drawer is a useful tool. It allows you to ensure medication safety for those who matter the most in your practice, the patients. With medication abuse on the rise and practitioners always needing to worry about the safety and security of patients, having medical storage bins to store valuable medications and controlled substances with keyed access is one of the most important assurances you can give your patients today.

This combination lock storage box offers both convenience and security. You will be able to rest assured that your patients' important medications have the maximum level of security. This lockbox is made out of a powerful and durable acrylic, which is opaque on the outside and semi-opaque on the door to prevent prying eyes from viewing medication they shouldn't be looking at.

This sturdy lockable storage box also comes equipped to attach to shelving or other modular components. You can mount this box to a shelf with its top slots that easily attach to wire shelving or a medical cart. In addition, the removable shelf that this medication box comes with adds more storage space, meaning if you have multiple patients whose medications you would rather not mix up, you have an easy way of separating those medications.

What dimensions does this lockbox come in?

This lockbox comes in two different sizes: a small size with dimensions of 9.5 in. x 6.25 in. x 3.75 in., and a large size with dimensions of 13.75 in. x 8.125 in. x 5.875 in.

What helps to deter unwanted people from accessing the contents of this drawer?

This medication box comes with a Combi-Cam® lock with three digits, meaning you can keep the credentials to access the box secure without having to worry about losing a key.

Does this box mount easily?

This medication box has slots in the top of the unit that makes for easy mounting to wire shelving or to a medical cart.


  • Prevent medication abuse with this locking medication box with pull-out drawer
  • Opaque and durable acrylic frame keeps medicines safe from curious eyes
  • This Combi-Cam medical lockbox is keyless, making it easy to manage access
  • Comes in two different sizes with a drawer that helps with restocking

Ensure the safety of your medicine supply with locking medication boxes, and browse other essential medical practice supplies at CeilBlue™.

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