CoFlex Smiley-Face - Pack of 36


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The CoFlex® Smiley-Face — Pack of 36 — features a flexible material that offers controlled compression without restricting movement or circulation. It comes in a pack of 36. CoFlex wrap is easy to use as you just tear it by hand. It's available in a variety of colors. CoFlex bandage wrap is soft to your skin and strong so that it will not slip. It's safe on all skins for convenience. It's available in a width of 2 in. and length of 5 yds. It's efficient in preventing leakages at blood draw sites and hematomas, offering maximum protection.

  • The CoFlex wrap offers compression without restricting circulation
  • It's soft to the skin but strong enough not to slip 
  • Bandage tears by hand, making it easy to use

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