CoFlex NL Self-Adherent Cohesive Multi-Color Bandage Roll Packs


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The manufacturer uses flexible material in the production of these CoFlex® NL Self-Adherent Cohesive Multi-Color Bandage Roll Packs so that they don't restrict movement or blood circulation. The material is easy to tear by hand, making it convenient. This CoFlex cohesive bandage is an effective alternative to traditional bandages. Its design enables it to prevent leakage at draw sites and hematomas. The self-adherent bandage wrap is safe and ideal to use on all types of skin. It's self-adhesive with nonslip support. It comes in several colors, different width sizes and pack counts. Each bandage is 5 yds. long.

  • The flexible material of the CoFlex cohesive bandage allows movement and blood circulation
  • It prevents leakage and hematomas due to the design
  • People with all types of skin can safely use it

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