CoFlex Self-Adherent Cohesive Camo Bandages


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

CoFlex® self-adherent cohesive camo bandages reduce injury risks since they’re easy to tear and don’t require scissors. Applying and removing them is relatively easy. Self-adherent bandages provide strong support and don’t need clips to hold them in place. They won't stick to the skin, and they offer controlled compression. The soft, multipurpose CoFlex bandage fits difficult areas such as the knee, the elbow, the wrist and fingers. The rolls are 5 yds. long. Choose between a pack of 36 rolls that are 2" wide or a pack of 18 rolls that measure 4" wide. The green camouflage pattern is popular with hunters and military personnel.

  • The easy-tear technology avoids injury risks associated with cutting devices since the bandage tears by hand
  • The self-adherent bandages offer controlled support without constriction
  • They come in two widths, each 5 yds. long

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